This summer I challenged myself to try plein air painting, and specifically, to participate in the Denver Plein Air Arts Festival.  ‘Plein air’ comes from the French expression ‘en plein air,’ which means ‘in the open air.’  It is used to describe artwork that is made directly from life outdoors.

The Plein Air Arts Festival organizers had a list of locations where participants could go to paint.  Denver’s City Park was one of the locations, and since it’s so familiar to me, I did all of my painting in the Rose Garden there.  I completed several plein air paintings at City Park, selected the best one, and entered it into the Festival’s juried exhibition.

This is the painting I entered, and I am pleased to announce that it was juried in!

“A Rose From the Park” ~ 8×10 ~ Oil on Canvas Board ~ $420

Denver Plein Air ArtsFest 2011 Exhibition

Nov. 15th – Dec. 31, 2011

Denver Central Public Library,
10 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Level 7
Denver, CO 80204

Opening Reception:  (open to the public)
Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 2011