SOLD ~ 8 x 8 inches ~ Oil on Canvas

Orchid-colored roses can have beautifully rich cool shadow colors, warm fuchsia tones, and even reflect a bit of blue from the sky.  The rose in this painting is from the lovely rose garden at Denver’s City Park (located behind the Museum of Nature and Science). I’ve spent many hours there photographing roses, and I find the evening light just before sunset to be the best for bringing out rich vibrant colors in the flower petals. The warm light and cool shadows are so exciting! I want to celebrate these hues that are only brought out a few hours each day. While observing roses growing in nature, I’ve also noticed how differently each flower opens- the petals don’t always curl the same way, even with flowers on the same rosebush. While they are all roses, each one has it’s own individuality, from the edges of the petals to the ends of the sepals.