Exploring the Beauty of Color

Drawn in by the colors that so abundantly spread around us, I endeavor to create works that are both accessible and worthy representations of the honest beauty I find in my subjects.

From the cool shadows on a bent rose petal at sunset to the warmth of sunlight on skin, I want to show that beauty exists all around us, and that color makes things beautiful. An image in black and white or greyscale can make a strong statement, but I believe color gives us more to admire.

Color is so much more than red apples, green grass and blue skies. It’s not just bright colors, but the complexity of color that I find so exciting—colors in shadows and in highlights— light itself has color—objects are influenced by the colors around them, and by the color of light on or near them. I aim to draw the viewer’s attention to these aspects of color in my subject.

It is this complexity of color that produces a visual feast every day. We just need to slow down enough to recognize it; pocket the devices, unplug, and experience the daily sights with our senses attuned. Subtle colors that can’t be seen in a quick glance, color-shifts that won’t be captured with a tap of the phone, complements and contrasts; all of these contribute to the beauty that is easily overlooked in our hurried rushing while trying to ‘record’ everything. Life has many beautiful moments, we have to be present—to take the time to enjoy the beauty of the colors that exist in that particular moment.