Exploring the Beauty of Color

I think color is what makes things beautiful, exciting, and memorable.  I want to explore the beauty of Color, one subject at a time, while continuing to improve as a painter.   My oil paintings are “all about the colors,” from beginning to end. It’s the strong attraction – when I see something, the color draws me in and I just know—I have to paint it.  The rest is simply putting my thoughts down in paint.

I see my paintings of single roses, Ginger flowers, and others as ‘floral portraits,’ aiming to showcase the specific colors, curls and petal edges of one specific flower in one specific moment.  There’s an individuality with flowers growing in nature; we know they vary in color, but even roses on the same rosebush differ in petal shape, and the way the petals open and curl.  I think this mirrors humanity, in that we are all alike in so many ways, yet our differences make us interesting.

My pastels convey the serenity of movement through dance.  Taking a more impressionistic approach, I aim to create express the vibrancy and energy of the figures. Color dominates the composition, as I capture the positive and negative spaces created by the dancers.  Every stroke of the pastel is used to convey the flow of the dance almost like ‘watching it in slow motion.’